Spray Equipment

  • Makes it possible to spray granules, coated grains, and fertilizers.
  • The discharge rate is easily adjusted with the metering lever.
  • Supports herbicide dispersal with the impeller speed changed.
  • The cassette-type hopper that can be mounted or dismounted with ease.
Manufacturer Model L15F
Cassette Tank Capacity 13 L x 2
Discharge Method Impeller (300 mm dia.)
Discharge Rate 2.5 kg/minute (when spraying 1 kg/10 a)
Nozzle Pitch 800 rpm
Spray Weight 7 kg
  • The liquid sprayer can be mounted, dismounted and replaced with ease.
  • Splash-suppressed Liquid Sprayer.
  • Cassette style tanks for clean, quick operation. Tanks are see through for instant visual inspection.
  • Fast-change mechanism for quick turn around.
Manufacturer Model L17S
Cassette Tank Capacity 8L x 2
Discharge Method Double-acting piston with flat nozzle
Discharge Rate 1.3-2.0 L/minute (speed-linking method)
Nozzle Pitch 1340 mm
Spray Weight 7.4 kg

The sprayers are offset to maximise the benefit of the rotor downwash.

This ensures more accurate product dispersion of chemicals that may otherwise be caught by the main rotor and tail rotor. The standard dispersal width is 7.5m with left and right nozzles used or 3 metres using the center nozzle.

The dispersal width can be changed according to the application (using optional parts).

Switch nozzles according to the dispersal pattern required

The outer spray nozzles are under the rotor - so the downwash gives a wide 7.5 metre swath. The center spray nozzle however, is under the craft, creating an air barrier. So switching to the centre sprayer gives a more accurate 3 metre swath when required.

Variable Rate Spraying dependant on ground speed

The function automatically adjusts the discharge rate of chemical liquid according to the flying speed of the helicopter. The function makes the discharge rate per unit area appropriate.

  • The function is incorporated by the RMAX Type II G only.
  • The function is available only when the discharge rate is 8 per ha, the left and right nozzles are selected, and the helicopter is receiving GPS signals.