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Load capacity 28 kg
Practical range (Visual range) Up to 400 m
Control System YACS-G (RMAX Type II G) / YMCS (RMAX Type II)
Main Rotor Diameter 3,130 mm
Trail Rotor Diameter 535 mm
Overall Length 2,750 mm / 3,630 mm (with rotor)
Overall Width 720 mm
Overall Height 1,080 mm
Type 2-cycle, horizontally opposed 2-cylinder
Cylinder Displacement 246 cc
Maximum Output 15.4 kw
Starting System Electric starter
Fuel Regular gasoline mixed with 2-cycle engine oil
Cassette Tank Capacity 8 litres x 2 tanks
Discharge Method Double-acting piston with flat nozzle
Discharge Rate 1.3-2.0/minute (speed-linking method)
Nozzle Pitch 1340 mm
Sprayer Weight 7.4 kg
Hopper Capacity 13 litres x 2 tanks
Discharge Method Impeller (300 mm dia.)
Discharge Rate 2.5 kg/minute (when spraying 1 kg/10 a)
Impeller Rotational Speed 800 rmp
Sprayer Weight 7.0 kg

Optional six Frequency Controller

The optional six frequency controller allows up to six helicopters to be flown at once. Using the six frequencies in combination to control a number of helicopters during spraying operation with no crosstalk interference.

Bundled Items

  • Sprayer transmitter
  • Main rotor case
  • Toolkit
  • Radio signal monitor
  • Operation manual
  • Flight inspection log