Frequently Asked Questions


A CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) UAV Controllers Certificate is required for the pilot and your business will need a CASA Operators Certificate.

If agricultural operations are planned then both the operators certificate and controllers certificate will need to be endorsed through your state's corporate environment body. For example: NSW EPA

You can read more about this on our "Training" page.

All pilots need to complete a three week training course with Yamaha Sky Division Australia which involves one week of theory training and two weeks of practical flight training, as well as completing a written and practical examination.

Your pilots and your business need to satisfy CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) requirements.

We can help you navigate this task. See our "Training" page for more details by clicking here

Safety is our number one priority.

You'll need to complete the appropriate chemical handling and distribution course. This is done externally from Yamaha Sky Division Australia but we can recommend suitable locations for you to complete this training course. In most cases, this course tends to take two business days depending on the education company.

Once you have completed your RMAX training course with us and your chemical handling course, depending on the state that you plan to spray chemicals in, pilots and / or the business is required to be licensed. Requirements vary from state to state.

We can help you navigate this.

RMAX has been successfully used for many purposes.

Unmanned vehicles are ideally suited to dirty, dull and dangerous tasks. To this end RMAXs have been used to inspect active volcanoes, disaster zones and otherwise inaccessible sites.

RMAX is used by many universities and research institutions. They are favoured as a stable and reliable platform.

RMAX has been used as photography, surveillance, photogrammetry and information gathering.

The RMAX will safely and reliably carry 28 kg’s of payload - if you need help sourcing suitable camera’s, sensors, gimballs or equipment just let us know.

You can also have a look at our "RMAX Uses" page by clicking here.

Not as hard as it looks. If you can master a single blade hobby store helicopter, then this will be a cinch. We do also train our students how to fly a helicopter on a simulator before flying a hobby store helicopter or the RMAX.

The RMAX has many more stability and backup systems than the toys, making it simple and easy to operate.

We can recommend a number of experienced, factory trained pilots.

You can view our current RMAX Operators on our "RMAX Operators" page by clicking here or you can contact Yamaha Sky Division Australia for details of RMAX Operators near you by sending us an enquiry on our "Enquire Now" page by clicking here.

Yes, the RMAX is now available for outright purchase.

Yamaha Sky Division Australia is based just west of Sydney, NSW but we conduct Yamaha RMAX operations Australia wide.

No, at this present time our training course can only provide you with the certification and licensing requirements to be able to pilot a Yamaha RMAX UAV.

The RMAX is flown by a 250cc two stroke dual barreled engine with a single carburetor.

Currently, the RMAX can be flown at 50 metres in height from ground level, 150 metres distance away from the pilot and a maximum speed of 40kms per hour.

The RMAX can be flown for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on weather conditions and the payload that the RMAX is carrying before requiring refuelling.